What makes me try a new author?

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There are so many authors out there and it is so easy to fall into the trap of only buying the familiar. Now, I can’t speak about everyone else, but there are a few things that will get me to try a new author…. Bloggers, feel free to add yours at the bottom ๐Ÿ™‚

Reviews from People I trust

There are many, many things I hate about Good-Reads (an endless list revolving around paid advertising and amazon links up) but the compare similar book button is amazing. It allows me to find reviewers to follow quickly who have similar tastes and try out some of their favourite reads. I have the same method on twitter. ย If you rave about the books I love and hate the things that I hate, we’re going to be book twins ๐Ÿ™‚

Authors I’ve found this way are Lisa Kleypas, Lauren Dane & Ilona Andrews.


I’m a SUCKER for a cover. Give me abs, bold colors and steamy cinches. Don’t give me crap photo-shopping, weird fonts and a knock-off of somebody else’s idea.

Really, this is the ONLY reason I started the Jaci Burton series but I’m still in …. ๐Ÿ™‚


Bloggers live tweeting the book

There are some things I cannot resist and, if they are mentioned in a live tweet, I’ll end up buying the book! I’ve bought umpteen books from JenniferRNN and The_Book_Queen due to their twitter feeds…. some authors don’t like it but I can’t see the harm in the publicity!

The list is endless for authors I’ve discovered this way …



A well written blurb will sell a book to me. True, one of the above has usually brought it to my attention (maybe the cover), but it’s the blurb that will make me click the one-click button. Please proof the blurb … if there are typo’s in the blurb then I don’t trust the quality of the book.


Hate Reviews

Honestly, I love a hate review. If it’s long, ranty and full of random GIF’s, I’ll buy the book. Of course, if the review is ranty because the book is full of crap grammar and a abusive hero, I won’t be reading but there are some books you just *have* to read.

So, what makes you try a new author?


4 responses to “What makes me try a new author?

  1. Pansy Petal

    Wow! Interesting blog today. What turns me on to a new author? Hmmmmm . . . These days, most often, it is a recommendation from a blog I trust. My back log of tbr titles is outrageous so I really don’t go actively looking any more. But well, recommendations will still get my attention. As will a catchy title with a killer blurb. Hot guy on the cover doesn’t hurt, but for me it is the title. And yeah, if I fall asleep during the blurb or run up against poor editing, not wasting my time. I too love the hate review. Found some really good books that way. Now all that being said, lately I have gotten into audibles. For those it is all about the narrator reading the story. I like a narrator that can “act” the parts – like listening to an old radio show. OR the sexy voice reading sexy scenes. Hmmmm! Lovely. I have actually found a couple of authors by who they have narrating their books.

    • Nix

      I’ve started to LOVE audio books but there are so many that aren’t available in the UK!

      I totally agree with what you say about the narrator; I can’t listen to the Jeanine Frost series (even though I LOVE the books) because of Bone’s accent but I can’t get enpugh of the Ilona Andrews series (well, what’s available which is only the first three books) because of the narrator; I listen to them more than I read!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for commenting!!

  2. Amy R

    I try new authors because of reviews by trusted blogger/reviewers and sometimes I’ll see a tweet or FB post and decided to give it a go.

    • Nix

      I’ve quickly learn’t who has the same taste as me and, I’ve also noticed, that can vary from genre to genre. I follow someone on GR that I trust for PNR but we really don’t see eye-to-eye on BDSM type romances.

      Thanks for commenting!!

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