What the Hell Have I been Reading Friday…..

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So, this is something new and who knows if it will continue! I will be posting the books I have read but won’t be reviewing either because I don’t have the time or it’s a re-read. I will rate them (like I would on GR) though and do a two sentence review!


Liberty Jones has dreams and determination that will take her far away from Welcome, Texas—if she can keep her wild heart from ruling her mind. Hardy Cates sees Liberty as completely off-limits. His own ambitions are bigger than Welcome, and Liberty Jones is a complication he doesn’t need. But something magical and potent draws them to each other, in a dangerous attraction that is stronger than both of them.


When Hardy leaves town to pursue his plans, Liberty finds herself alone with a young sister to raise. Soon Liberty finds herself under the spell of a billionaire tycoon—a Sugar Daddy, one might say. But the relationship goes deeper than people think, and Liberty begins to discover secrets about her own family’s past.


Two men. One woman. A choice that can make her or break her. A woman you’ll root for every step of the way. A love story you’ll never forget.

Rating – 3.5 Stars

Two Sentence Review – I liked the writing, I liked the characters, I liked the first POC narrative but I didn’t like the amount of time given to the main romance. I felt Gage deserved more than he got and Hardy got far too much for a book that wasn’t his.


His name is Hardy Cates. He’s a self-made millionaire who comes from the wrong side of the tracks. He’s made enemies in the rough-and-tumble ride to the top of Houston’s oil industry. He’s got hot blood in his veins. And vengeance on his mind.


She’s Haven Travis. Despite her family’s money, she refuses to set out on the path they’ve chosen for her. But when Haven marries a man her family disapproves of, her life is set on a new and dangerous course. Two years later, Haven comes home, determined to guard her heart. And Hardy Cates, a family enemy, is the last person she needs darkening her door or setting her soul on fire.


Filled with Lisa Kleypas’s trademark sensuality, filled with characters you love to hate and men you love to love, Blue-Eyed Devil will hold you captive in its storytelling power as the destiny of two people unfolds with every magical word.

Rating : 5 Stars

Two Sentence Review – An amazing contemporary romance between an incredible woman and a man that is strong enough to support her in her quest to rebuilt herself after her first husband does his damnedest to break her.  I laughed, I cried, I swooned; both Hardy and Haven are compelling characters and I could not put this down.

8 responses to “What the Hell Have I been Reading Friday…..

  1. Mzcue

    I like Lisa Kleypas and I like this new feature. Personally, I hate rating books, or any kind of creative work. Reviewers’ reactions, details about what they liked, what didn’t work, etc., that’s great, esp. when I’ve come to know their individual tastes. So I would enjoy your Reading Friday posts even if you didn’t assign number grades. I’ll be watching for it as long as you keep posting.

    • Carolyn

      Loved that you said this, Mzcue. Sometimes in a world full of ratings, I feel like I’m the only one who feels that way.

      Also, Nix, great idea. I am always amazed by how much time people must spend to do a long review considering how busy we all are. I just assume they can get their thoughts together faster than I can. You’re still doing a service even if you can only put down a few lines. Believe me, with how much time I don’t always have, I appreciate not having to skim a review because it’s so long.

      • Nix

        Shorter reviews are often useful for me too … this feature is because I want to tell people about the books I love, but I don’t have the time to read and review. My priority will always be reading so this seem s like a good way to do both 🙂

    • Nix

      Thank you Mzcue … sometimes, I don’t get to tell blog readers about some of the books I’ve loved because it simply doesn’t fit into my schedule. This way, at least I get to tell you what I liked about the books and what I didn’t. This was my first Kleypas series .. she has been geo-restricted up until recently!

  2. Minx

    Ooo I like this, a quickie review! Sadly quickies are about all I have the time for these days. I’m making time to read and I’m going to add the second book you reviewed to my list. It sounds great! Thanks Nix.

    • Nix

      Hey Minxy!

      I know exactly how you feel. I recommend you read the first before the second … I think you need to truly understand Hardy’s upbringing before you read his book 🙂

      Happy Reading

  3. katey

    I love this feature. A quick impression of what worked and what didn’t in a story is a great way to get ideas for my weekend read.

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