Why I’m no longer pressing that “pre-order” one-click button.

Posted May 10, 2014 by Nix in Musing / 8 Comments

I’ve decided something from this week; I’m no longer pre-ordering eBooks from Amazon.

Last week, a book I bought on pre-order dropped in price, the day after it released, by nearly 30%. I spent more money on that book, just to get it on release day, and I haven’t even gotten round to reading it yet.

This isn’t the first time that it has happened and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last so, with the amount of spare cash I have being very limited, I’ve realized that by waiting that one extra day, I will be spending that money a little more wisely. I know it isn’t what authors want to see, I know that release day sales are important but, for me as a reader, it is the right thing to do.

So what am I doing instead? Me, the Queen of Pre-order who will most likely forget to buy the book at all if I don’t get it as soon as I see it. Well, I’ll be using a GoodReads and Luzme combination to mark and track each book as I see it. If Luzme doesn’t tell me the price has changed within a couple of days, and I have time to read the book, I’ll buy it anyway. eBooks aren’t expensive, and as a book fan I WANT to spend my money on books, but I really resent spending more just because I cared enough about a book to order it so I get it on release day.

I know, in some cases, it’ll be an absolute bitch to do it, and in others I won’t be able to stop myself getting it on release day, but these will be the exceptions rather than the rule from now on for me.

If you want to know how I use Luzme, I wrote a post ages ago which you can find here LINK. I don’t work for them or anything but that site has saved me money so I shared my experiences.

So what do you do? Do you pre-order? Or are you like me and sick of buying a book only to see it go down in price before you even download it from the cloud?




8 responses to “Why I’m no longer pressing that “pre-order” one-click button.

  1. Barbra

    The only time I pre-order is when the pre-order price is already discounted. Otherwise, I wait. My funds are extremely limited so I usually wait for sales anyway.

    • Unless I really *have* to read it, I’ll wait for sales too. The amount of sale book’s I now own is ridiculous … 🙂

  2. barbara

    I was the pre-order, one-click queen, and like you I realize that so many books I “had to have on release day” I still have yet to download and read. So I’ve become much more limited in my pre-orders, but still include them on my wishlist for books to buy at some point.

    Great post, Nix! Thanks for sharing.

    • My wishlist is HUGE … I know I’ll get them at some point. I mark ’em and buy ’em when I want them or before if they are on sale.

  3. The only books I’ve ever pre-ordered were the Harry Potter books and those were the hard covers. I would get them from Amazon on release day and I’d be done by the following day. 😀

  4. BJ Williams

    I used to pre-order my Favourite Authors But now I’m Linked ‘ to Love Bytes & 1 or 2 others I don’t really feel it’s a necessity as I get a Heads up’ when they are due for release & the money I save by waiting me purchase a couple of extra eBooks.

  5. Amy R

    I am only doing the pre-orders on books that are $0.99, everything else is getting added to my wishlist and then I check items with price drops daily. if I come to a point that I want to read I will go ahead and buy but for the most part I wait for the sales.

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