Why Writing F/F Matters by Anne Gaston (Inc. giveaway)

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First things first… big shoutout to Nix for opening her blog to a bunch of heathens who love to talk romance.

When we read a good story, a story that makes us fangirl all over the story and author and surrounding universe, there’s usually a strong character arc somewhere in the mix. We watched an evolution or realized that we had a shared experience with this fictional person and it connected us to the story on a deeper level.

Romance gave me my own character arc, IRL (in real life). 10 years ago, I wasn’t who I am today–and that’s a history I have to own, though I promise to do and be better. I was politically conservative and anti-LGBTQIA, among other things. But the more I read romance, the more I realized that love wasn’t limited to straight, white, Christian, cisgendered people.

It belongs to all of us.

Fast forward to 2014 when, as a writer, I hit a point in time where I didn’t think I could write another word. I thought my days of penning stories was over. And I was at the edge of a metaphorical cliff–if I couldn’t prompt myself to write something, anything, I was ready to give up and live my life as a simple, if enthusiastic, reader.

And I asked myself to write what I was most afraid to write to jump-start my writing heart: a romance between two women.

As a conservative who was slowly edging into being moderate in a lot of areas, it really was… scary. How could I write about an experience I had no knowledge of? I didn’t even have any lesbian or bisexual friends at the time who I could ask. So I dived in with the thought that I was just going to write very sexy erotica and it just happened to be between two women.

The transformation was–quite literally–life-changing.

I purged some demons from my childhood that I’d never acknowledged before and, through the course of writing the serialized novel, realized that I wasn’t as heterosexual as I’d always thought I was. But due to formative years in a religious and conservative household, I’d been burying things about me to fit the molds imposed upon me by my parents and their peers.

Writing F/F freed both my writing and me from fear. So when I read other works that feature two women falling in love and enjoying sex together, especially if there’s a self-discovery element, I’m reading a little bit of myself. And if I can write a story where someone else experiences that same sensation then I’m doing my job right.

As I forge my way into the future, I want to write happy endings across the spectrum but most especially for F/F. Sales tell us that it hasn’t quite caught on yet, that readers are still clinging to their alphaholes and there’s nothing wrong with that. But each year, a little more space opens up for those of us who want to read stories about the romances that break through societal expectations.

Authors who write M/M got to experience this only a few years ago and I truly believe F/F will have its moment as well. But as long as I keep writing stories for people like me, people who need and want to see the other getting their happily ever afters, then every moment belongs to F/F. And I can share the stories of my deepest heart with others who are still searching the depths of theirs.

Do you have any F/F recommendations you’d like to share? I’m always on the lookout for new titles! Share your favorite or most recently read LGBTQIA romance for a chance to win a copy of my first title Her Private Tutor, an erotic romp that introduces a sexual tutor who meets her match in a college coed who’s just beginning to understand who and what she wants.

Anne GastonANNE’s first documented foray into fiction was in 4th grade when she wrote a story about a group of orcas and dolphins in boy/girl pairs who were trying to figure out who was wreaking havoc in the local ecosystem. (Hint: it was the nefarious sea-gang, The Sharks.)

It combined her love of romance, humor, adventure, and suspense, and– little did she know– was setting the stage for a career that had nothing to do with marine biology and everything to do with living in imaginary worlds.

She dreams of living somewhere with four seasons, having a house full of wagging doggy butts, and writing full-time. However, she currently lives (in a home perpetually under construction) in southern Arizona and can be counted on to break into geeky references to animated shows from the 90’s and cult favorites like Boondock Saints, Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Sailor Moon.

Ye be forewarned.

7 responses to “Why Writing F/F Matters by Anne Gaston (Inc. giveaway)

    • Anne Gaston

      Hi Amy, thanks for commenting. Which book did you read, if you remember? Did you enjoy it?

      • Amy R

        I don’t remember what it was, something from the library but I’m not opposed to trying others. M/M books are some of my favorite romances.

  1. Toni

    I recently read The Queen of Ieflaria by Effie Calvin and really enjoyed it. It’s f/f fantasy romance.

    • Anne Gaston

      Hi Toni, thanks for commenting! I’ll have to check it out, hadn’t heard of that one before 😀 What would you like to see more of when it comes to f/f romances?

  2. Cathy Pegau

    Thank you for this. I went through a similar revelation while writing, and now F/F is my favorite pairing to read and write . The “catch up” in marketing and sales is taking a bit , but I have hopes 🙂

    One of my favorite authors is Sarah Waters. Her “Fingersmith” inspired my first F/F. She is a master at historical narrative. Anything by her is highly recommended.

    Best of luck with your book!

  3. Amy

    So many different books to recommend! I’m currently reading Room Service by Fiona Riley, and so far it’s very engaging. Not much of the discovery part that you’re talking about, as both characters have already accepted who they are for many years. One of my favorites for that would be Just Jorie by Robin Alexander. It combines two of my favorite things – romance and humor. And don’t get me started on erotic romance… recs on that might burn up the internet.

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