27 Aug '12

A Nix Quicky Review -The Reporter from Marridon by Michelle Franklin (4.5 Stars)

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A reporter has turned up in the kingdom of Frewyn trying to gain an audience with the Commander and her mate. His first request rebuffed, he resorts to underhanded tactics to get the interview he wants.
Tired of his harassment of her people, the Commander agrees to an interview. Of course the interview that she gives him might not be the one that he wants from her.
This is a very short story, but as with all of Michelle’s writing it has a lovely lyrical feel that just sucks you in. I’ve read quite a few stories from this fantastical land that she has created and I’ve enjoyed them all. I love the tales showing the relationship between the Commander and her mate the Giant. This one is another snippet into the day to day life of these two and I found it both heart-warming, funny and quite relevant considering the stories that have hit us here in the UK regarding the media. I do so like the Commander….
I disagree with her mate though…white chocolate is AMAZING!!


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