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Authors After Dark 2013 Spotlight : Lissa Matthews (Incl. Giveaway)

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I’d like to thank Nix for asking me to come and visit for a spotlight appearance since I’ll be attending Authors After Dark in Savannah this year.

For those who don’t know, my name is Lissa Matthews. I live in North Carolina in the heart of NASCAR. I’m a proud coffee addict and most of my readers encourage my habit. I write contemporary erotic romance, both male/female and male/male. My books have a thread of kink and a lot of Southern hospitality.

This will be my third Authors After Dark conference and my second with actual participation on panels and the book signing. Two of my titles have also been nominated for AAD awards and I’m both thrilled and terrified. Those titles are a free read titled Committed: An Erotic Valentine’s Tale, and Melting Jane.

Authors After Dark is a good con for me. It’s relatively small, no more than about 500 people. I can handle that better than I can handle the larger conferences of thousands. It’s a busy con, too. There’s not much down time, especially being on panels, but that’s okay. I will sleep for days when I get home. The people are great, meeting readers is amazing, and making new friends and seeing old friends is incredible. If you are coming this year, please try to find me and say hello. If you’re not, maybe plan to come another year. You’ll have a great time, I promise.

Nix has also asked me to talk a little about my style of writing. I will do the best I can.

My style. Hoo-boy. I had to go look up the definition of style. Not because I didn’t know it already but because I needed to understand a bit about how it pertains to me in the form of writing.

Style in one part says characteristic of a group or personality or person… I’m a simple Southern girl. I write about Southern women and Southern men. They work hard, play hard, curse, throw back beer and shots of whiskey, like football and stock car racing, say y’all, speak with a drawl, and love deep and true. My settings for the most part are also in the South. It’s realxed, comfortable…read at the beach or in the mountains. Set a spell or well, bless your heart…

This is what I know. This is what I love. Men who get their hands dirty and women who have curves that won’t quit.

Sure, I’ve written books set in Montana, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. But my love, my heart and soul belong to and with Dixie. My love of the South and how I grew up influences a lot of my writing, filtering into characters, scenery, and objects. Everything from Mason jars to sweet tea to cobblers to homemade to Coke and peanuts…

My style is easy, laid back, comfortable. My characters are every day people, real people. Sure they have their quirks and those you’d pass as you walked down the street might have a kink or two hiding in the attic, but they’re the characters I’m comfortable with, the ones who need exploring. They prefer boots and jeans to skirts and heels. They prefer hammers and drills to suits and ties. Well, most of them at least… There are a few who are a bit more fancy on the outside but still pure country on the inside.

My style is also full of emotion. I love delving into the characters who are hurt emotionally. Who can’t hide their hurt or pain or happiness. Who can’t hide their arousal and who aren’t ashamed of what and who they might need. They fight. They put up walls. But they also love deeply.

I believe in love at first sight. I know many do not, many who find that type of story off-putting, but not me. Love at first sight is a sucker punch and the emotional adventure once it’s realized is fun and incredible for me as a writer. I want happily ever after. I want simple, engaging stories of people who love and love hard, and who are freaks in the bedroom. Give me a shop girl who craves the sting of a belt to a high powered businesswoman any day.

Then again, maybe I’ll write one of those, too…

I hope it’s all right with Nix if I promote a couple of my new books. They both have bits of my style in them, from the women to the men. The first one is Keep It Together. It’s set in Savannah where Authors After Dark will be this year. It’s a contemporary, erotic romance about a bride left at the altar and the almost brother-in-law who’s in love with her.

LM_KeepItTogether_coverlgJilted bride? Check. Hangover? Check. Shotgun? Double check. Wayward groom’s half-brother Colt on her porch the next morning, hat in hand, with concern in his sexy blue eyes, and apologies on his full kissable lips? Uh… Check? 

That was six months ago. Now, with a job she loves, her heart mended and her pride put back together, the last thing Chrissie expects is that same half-brother standing behind her saying he’s got an answer for her. Problem is, she can’t seem to remember what she’d said on that long ago day that would warrant a visit from him.

 Colt does. And as the CEO of a cookie company, it’s his job to pay attention to the details. 

“Maybe I should have married you instead.” She’d been right. He was the brother she should have married and all he has to do is convince her of it with a blend of persistence and seduction. But their first kiss is hotter than the southern Georgia summer and catches him off guard. She’s primed and ready to burn up the sheets and he’s not inclined to say no. Will she believe that he won’t ever leave her? Maybe. If he brings her cookies… 

Buy: Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Loose Id

The second book is one that comes out tomorrow. Trouble In The Making. It’s also a contemporary erotic romance. Set in a swanky hotel in St. Augustine, Florida of which the characters do not venture outside of once they arrive. Friends to lovers. Famous hero to not so famous heroine. Extrovert to introvert. And a love that finally has a chance to take shape.


Johnny Trouble. He’s a commanding presence in leather and tattoos, both on stage and off. He’s had more than his fair share of groupies and lovers, but it’s time for a change and he reconnects with the one woman whose memory has driven him crazy since high school. Liz.

She’s a quiet, shy romance author who likes her comfort zones. But when Johnny comes back into her life after years of living in the spotlight, Liz’s private fantasies shift into overdrive and she nervously asks him to fulfill them.

Just one weekend is all she proposes, but the sparks flying between them when Johnny touches her aren’t temporary. She’s the particular brand of trouble he wants in his bed, bent over, or crawling all over him. Forever. He just has to convince her by any means necessary… 

 Available May 3 from Ellora’s Cave

 I appreciate being here today and if you’d like to win a copy of either of these titles, please leave a comment below telling me what your favorite romance novel style is… simple, easy, complicated, intricate, etc… If you’d like to learn more about me and my books, please visit my website where you can also sign up for my Newsletter.

And please, I’d love for you come find me on the various social media outlets where I talk coffee, books, coffee, kinks, coffee, cooking, and did I mention coffee?

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9 Responses to “Authors After Dark 2013 Spotlight : Lissa Matthews (Incl. Giveaway)”

  1. Hi !
    Am I the first to leave a comment here ?
    Well, I started reading erotica a few months ago and fell in love with some of your books – I liked the Masked series but I absolutely adored the “Simple need” series. I loved the fact that they’re hard-working, simple everyday people, full of warmth and of love for each other. And of kink !
    After that, I wanted to grab every single book of yours, yet pushing back the time to read them as much as I could so I could savor them (along with a cup of coffee, of course).
    I don’t care if I win anything or not – though I’d love to, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you directly for these wonderful reading moments 😉

  2. Wow! Thank you so much. That totally makes my day as I’m struggling to get to the end of my current book. The grin on my face is HUGE. I’m glad you enjoy my books…


  3. Lissa!!! *hugs* great post and you know I love your books, thanks for sharing your thoughts about writing and your characters with us. I am sooo looking forward to meeting you at AAD again!

  4. Congrats to Lissa on the new release! Thanks for sharing! It depends on my mood what kind of story I want 🙂

  5. I am like Erin. My favorite type of romance depends on the mood I am in. If I am stressed, sick, etc I want a light, easy, fun read. But there are times when I really want something that is complex & complicated, lots of building and twists.

    Congrats on the new release Lissa 🙂

  6. Like the above comments, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to read something light and fun, while other times I want to read something dark and mysterious.
    Congrats on the new releases. Can’t wait to read Trouble in the Making and Keep It Together.

  7. I wish I was going to be at AAD this year. I really liked meeting you 2 years ago. It’s always great to put a face with the name. Have a great time at the con. It was amazing fun the year I attended. As far as my style, I like to mix it up to keep my reading fresh. However, I generally don’t connect with overly simple romances. I tend to like complex stories or emotions (sometimes both).

  8. Congrats on the new release. I’d lo0ve to read this series. Please enter me if they are Prints. I can’t read e-books. But I love the sound of these two books Lissa. Thanks for the chance.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  9. Hi Lissa, congrats on the release. I typically enjoy complicated, intricate storylines where the characters learn/discover something about themselves. And, of course a HEA. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

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