22 Sep '13

Changes to Scorching Book Reviews Timetable

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Hi everyone!!

So, this week I’ve tried something new. I’ve tried to schedule everything at the weekend and then not do much blogging during the week. The way I was doing things was unsustainable for my health and I was struggling to do this all on my own. I don’t want to give this blog up but something needed to give.

So, what else have I done? Well, I’ve finally established that most of you lovely readers are state-side. This means I am now scheduling my posts on your time-frame and not the UK one. It is easy for me to tweet links to posts in the hours I am awake, but some people are missing genuinely cool posts from authors because they never see the links for them as they are only on social networking sites when I’m asleep.There is the option of following us in many ways, but I understand that people get enough email without subscribing to something else that is going to take up space in your inbox. It seems the best of both worlds to do it this way and let networked blog’s do it it’s job. I am also going to start looking for people to guest-review on the site to ease the pressure on myself… we shall see if I get any bites as I know people have other commitments!

To all the lovely readers who have commented, tweeted our links and generally kept this site going I thank you muchly. It’s been a difficult period but I’m trying to get it back to business.


3 Responses to “Changes to Scorching Book Reviews Timetable”

  1. I subscribe by email and get it around 3 pm Central Time here in the states.

    If you need a guest reviewer, I would be happy to help. Yes, I'm busy with my own site but I can help out. 🙂

    owner, of Harlie's Books

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