26 Sep '11

A Cowboy’s Muse – Beth Williamson

When a lightning storm goes crazy, Clio finds herself transported through time to the Wild West. A Goddess Muse from Olympus, she has only ever read about this time period in her history books. She certainly doesn’t fit in with the locals in her purple toga and the resident’s mistake her for a prostitute. When she starts spouting about her real identity, the local Sheriff takes her for a crazy person and escorts her to the nearest lodging. She finds that she wants to go with the twinkly eyed hunk, but does he feel the same tingles in his presence as she does in his? Ace never wanted to be a Sheriff in this pokey little town. His day looks up, when the voluptuous crazy lady appears out of nowhere in front of the saloon. Once she takes up residence in the same boarding house as him, he finds it incredibly hard to resist her. When she demands he takes her to bed, he doesn’t put up much of a… Keep Reading »

25 Sep '11

Studenstein – Daisy Harris

Shani works to liberate fellow slave stein’s from their lifer captives. When her bosses receive information that a Love-bot is being made to work in a bondage club, it’s the public stunt they have been looking for. The company that makes the steins hasn’t slowed down their production and Royce is one their highest earners. Liberating him will damage them.  Freeing him from such a public place isn’t without it’s difficulties, but once they free the reluctant bot, they realise they have bigger problems. Royce is programmed to need sexual release. If he doesn’t have it, then his nervous system starts to play up, leaving him in agony. Unable to see him in pain, and stuck in the middle of nowhere by the operatives trying to get Royce back, Shani has to go some unusual methods to help him out. Being a former sex bot herself, Shani has issues with intimacy with a man. For Royce, she pulls up her big girl panties and utilises some of her more unusual… Keep Reading »

22 Sep '11

Lust After Death – Daisy Harris

Bane is a liberated killing stein. When he was reanimated and programmed, it was for the purpose of killing for hire. His undead existence was about blood and gore until he was rescued by the zombie underground. Now he repays that debt by working for them to liberate other captive steins. At the time we meet him, he has one more job to do before he gets his “wipe” to erase the horrors of his past. This assignment is to rescue a love-bot; a stein reanimated for the purpose of sex. This stein has been made illegally by a slightly bonkers scientist. Now he has to rescue Josie, with no knowledge of her prior programming, before she is detained by the only legal stein company in the state. As time goes on, he realises how twisted her creator was as the coding reveals that she needs to have mental and physical feedback from a “husband”; this means if she doesn’t get touched by a man she will start to degrade…. Keep Reading »

20 Sep '11

Make Mine A Bad Boy – Katie Lane

This book is a follow on from book two and you should really read the first. Hope Scroggs (I know, what a horrible name!) is having some trouble. Things are definitely not going as she hoped when she took off to become an actress in Hollywood. Her pretend boyfriend has married her long lost twin sister, her dreams of becoming famous led to a stint in a strip club and she can’t seem to forget her one night of sin with the town bad boy.  Colt Lomax has always been the outcast of Bramble. Destined to be looked upon as a future criminal, Colt left the town as soon as possible to get away from judgemental eyes. The one thing he has never been able to get away from is the vivacious Hope; the high school beauty queen, destined to never look his way. When he bumped into her in Hollywood, she was feeling vulnerable and fell into bed with the smooth talking hottie. Thing is, it’s left a lasting… Keep Reading »

19 Sep '11

Cowboy Review – Hooked (Studs in Spurs #4) by Cat Johnson

Annie has reported on the pro-rider tours for years. Her familiarity with the riders has directly led to her lofty status as one of the best tour reporters around. She prides herself on her professionalism with the riders, vowing never to get involved with them on a personal level. No one has tempted her to break those Golden Rules like Luke Carpenter. Luke is a rider in the Twilight years of his career. His easy smile and tight butt have tempted her for a while, but it isn’t until the meddlesome Mustang gets involved that she realises Luke’s newly single status leaves the door wide open for her to take a chance. When it turns out the handsome Cowboy is just as distracted by her, the two embark on what could be a beautiful relationship. However, when his ex-girlfriends brother turns up with terrible news from home, it looks like the brakes are about to be put their fledgling relationship before it gets started.  When it looks like his career… Keep Reading »

18 Sep '11

Cowboy Book Review – Going Cowboy Crazy – Katie Lane

When Faiths dying mother reveals that she is not actually her birth mother, the world she knew came tumbling down. After some investigating into her past, she sets off to a small town in Texas to hunt for the identical twin sister she never knew existed. Problems arise when she gets there, as the entire town mistakes her for their long lost sweetheart, Hope, and refuse to listen to her arguments on the matter. In their enthusiasm to make sure she stays this time, they rush her towards the gorgeous Slade, the town hero who has been pretending to be Hopes estranged boyfriend for years. When he gives her the welcome home kiss they all expect to see, she lights up in his arms and gives him a kiss to scorch his cowboy boots. Slade realises immediately that the little spitfire in his arms is definitely not Hope. Once she tells him her story, he realises that the coast is clear for him to try to seduce the woman who… Keep Reading »

16 Sep '11

First Night – Cassidy Hunter

The Myians and the Shadows have lived a symbiotic relationship for years. The Shadows serve their chosen Myian in every way, and in return, the Myians feed the Shadows from their blood one night a year. This is seems like the perfect existence for all, except for one thing. The Myian men are cursed to remain infertile so cannot continue their line. A solution to their problems has been found, but it involves sex with their enemies the Ednians. The Ednians do not approve of the Myian clan, but feel it is their duty to help them to survive.  To do this, they donate a single male, every two years, to help carry on the line by breeding with a woman from the clan. The Myian women have to petition the Elders to become the chosen one, and it is then his duty is to stay with the clan until the chosen female has conceived. Much to the disappointment of the rest of the clan, Mila is the one to… Keep Reading »

13 Sep '11

The Ex-Files – Cat Johnson

When we meet Jane, she is having some REALLY bad sex…like awful…like she’s wondering what’s for tea whilst at it kind of bad sex. Her terrible boyfriend insists on going Dutch on everything and is so bad in the bedroom department, she often has to turn to the vibrator when he’s left. She has to get rid of him, but being single and over thirty is not something she relishes. When her best friend Candace tells her about an article she read in the local magazine, Jane goes into a panic. According to the article, statistics show she has probably already dated the person that is meant to be her Prince Charming. Unable to abide the thought of being alone for eternity, Jane decides on a drastic course of action; she is going to re-date all her ex-boyfriends to weed out Mr Right.  A drunken night out derails her plans slightly, as she ends up getting frisky with the gorgeous bartender Damien from her local haunt. When Damien reveals that… Keep Reading »

13 Sep '11

Naughty Delivery – Lucy Felthouse

Sonia and Ben are a couple who have decided to add some spice into their bedroom games. They have ordered some little toy’s from an internet website and they can’t wait for it to arrive. Unfortunately, what turns up on their door isn’t the mild toys that they expected, it’s something much more kinky! Will they put the Spanking paddle and restraints to use? Or will they simply return the items and continue waiting?This was an uber short at 8 pages, but it was a very fun read. It introduced the idea of BDSM in a very soft core way. It is perfect for people to dip into the waters of this genre (although I will warn you that just because you have read this little quickie, doesn’t mean you are ready for full on whips and chains!) I liked that the relationship is already built, I like that we are on a little piece of their relationship journey with them. This couple have never tried something so kinky, but… Keep Reading »

12 Sep '11

Arc Review Black Gold – Vivian Arend

Shaun has always been a lone wolf. Preferring not to belong to any one pack, he has always been happy to sit on the sidelines. That is, until all his pals start to mate and settle down. Now he finds himself drunk off his arse in the local Alpha Evan’s office, wishing for thing’s he never thought he would want. Gem is visiting the local area when she is frog-marched to Evan’s office for breaching pack protocol. She is supposed to announce her presence to the local pack, but the inexperienced young wolf doesn’t know better. This ecological field trip is her first steps into independence, but as soon as she step’s foot into Evan’s office, something triggers the mating instinct. At first she thinks its Evan himself, but further investigations (which really did amuse me) show that it’s not the pack Alpha that is destined to be her mate. A rather amused Evan realises that the only other person who has been in his office is Shaun, but realises that the… Keep Reading »